Possible new Player from Scotland..A Few questions please

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Possible new Player from Scotland..A Few questions please

Post  jvenables on Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:58 am

Hi, I see ther was Upperdeck & now Cryptozoic for this game........I am looking at possibly getting started in this. I am a long term wow player & would like a different perspective to wow by playing the card game...

1. Are the cards issued by Upperdeck still able to be used in the new Cryptozoic managed game?

2. There were ways of redeeming WOW ingame items(Tabards, mounts...etc..etc.) from the Upperdeck system will this be possible with the new system.

3. Is there any good sites, that explain the rules, help teach the game, deck building strategies, do's & dont's?

4. What is the minimum needed to actually play a game?

5. Anyone in Edinburgh, Scotland that can recommend any places in Edinburgh or online for purchasing cards, decks?

6. Pretty much any guidance would be appreciated....I think my biggest confusion is Upperdeck vs Cryptozoic...Upperdeck still have a site & Cryptozoic doesn't...so its hard to figure out where to start and where to get a wealth of knowledge...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Possible new Player from Scotland..A Few questions please

Post  Ingallsx on Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:28 am

1. Yes, you just need to use sleeves in sanctioned play due to the differing card backs.

2. UDE points did not transfer over to Cryptozoic, though they have discussed implementing their own spin on it sometime in the future.

3. This site! Or, this link: http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/howtoplay/default.aspx

4. Decks are 60 cards, plus your hero. You need at least two people to play.

5. There might be information for you in this thread: http://cryptozoic.forumotion.com/tournament-listings-and-announcements-f7/where-to-play-wow-tcg-read-here-for-more-t25.htm

6. Upper Deck used to have the rights to the game, and doesn't any longer. Information on Upper Deck's sight is outdated, and this is the main site for the WoW TCG currently.

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