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Loot Card FAQ

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Loot Card FAQ Empty Loot Card FAQ

Post  Roshen Wed May 26, 2010 11:05 am

If you're having difficultly reaching the page to redeem your Loot code from any World of Warcraft TCG release, you can find the page here:

Loot Card FAQ:

Q: The website written on the page isn't displaying correctly!

A: Please go to to get more information on how to redeem your Loot card in game.

Q: My inventory was full when I tried to use my code, and now it doesn't work. What can I do?

A: Blizzard’s website clearly states that failure to have at least one inventory space available when redeeming promotional items will result in the loss of the item. This code can not be used a second time. If you are intending to contact a GM about this issue you should inform them that you have a problem with a “Lost or Missing item,” not a defective promotional loot code.

Q: I can't get all 25-digits to fit into Landro Longshots box. Plz halp?

A: Before you do anything else, just log out of World of Warcraft and then log back in. This will usually resolve your problem.

On occasion various mods can interfere with Landro's code redemption box. If you continue to have problems, disable all add-ons or mods before trying again.

Q: I have so many extra digits. Why did you put too many digits on my card?

Please make sure all of the boxes on the redemption page are being filled correctly. Some browsers will move you ahead to the next box automatically, even though the previous box still have room for numbers.

You should have 4 digits in the first box, 6 digits in the second box, 5 digits in the third box, 6 digits in the fourth box and 4 digits in the last box. You should NOT have any left over digits at the end that don't fit on this page.


In closing, please be aware when a code is redeemed from the website, that code is “used,” so you need to be very, very sure you have the correct region and realm information. Otherwise, you risk not being able to redeem your code for an item. Your code cannot be used a second time.

Please be aware that once a code has been entered through Blizzard’s Promotional page and informed a customer of the Region and Realm that the code has been redeemed on, Cryptozoic Entertainment no longer has any power over the item. Cryptozoic can not move or replace items inside Blizzard’s online game.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything Loot card related, please email

Ry Schueller
Cryptozoic Entertainment

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