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need some info

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need some info Empty need some info

Post  josho93 Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:50 pm

Hi im thinking of starting WoW tcg with my bro when the class starter decks come out as we both love wow and i like TCGs i play a fury warrior online and he plays a paladin and we wanna try play as our classes and i have some questions

1. what classes atm are best and weather being horde or alliance matters or are they both the same
2. if warrriors are any good and what specs the best
3. what booster packs to get
4 if theres anything else a noob to the game needs to know or any helpful info
5. what class is best against a paladin
thanks in advance cheers Very Happy Very Happy Wink


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need some info Empty Re: need some info

Post  Zee_n1 Tue Jun 08, 2010 7:42 pm

1. With WoW TCG, like many other TCG's, there is no definate "best" class, spec, faction, etc. Although, each of those have very different play styles. For example, Horde decks have plenty of access to Ferocity allies (can attack the first turn they enter play) while alliance does not, and Alliance has more Elusive allies. (can't be attacked at all.) Some other factions specific keywords include: Will of the Forsaken, Beserking, Arcane Torrent, and War Stomp (Horde) and Shadowmeld, Escape Artist, Find Treasure, Diplomacy, and Inspiring Presence (Alliance.)

2, 5. Remember that for WoW TCG, your spec only matters if the card says something like "Frost Hero Required." You can use any other card of your class, as long as it doesn't have that. For example, there is no rule against a Fire spec mage from using Ice Lance, but it cannot use Water Elemental. Again, there is no "best" class or spec against a specific class, but there are archetypes that beat other archetypes. For example, a rush deck will give a control deck lots of trouble early game, but the control deck will come out better the longer the game drags on.

3. What I'd do to get an idea of what decks are doing well, are to look at the results of NACC here on the forums. You can also just check out the Strategy and Decklists section, and see what kind of decks are being played, what cards are in them, and what kind of feedback they are getting. You could always start out by printing out cards to playtest each other with, or play online with each other, before going out and buying the packs for your cards. You should also make note of what cards you're looking for, and what sets they're in, before buying them.

4. If you ever have rule questions, or anything else, there are plenty of us here on the forums with nothing else better to do than answer questions. Hope to see you around, and really hope you enjoy the game!
Oh, and you could always see where the local WoW battleground is in your area, nothing like a weekly tournament as a great place to have fun.

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