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Need Help From Cryptozoic with Scheduling Safari and Battlegrounds

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Need Help From Cryptozoic with Scheduling Safari and Battlegrounds Empty Need Help From Cryptozoic with Scheduling Safari and Battlegrounds

Post  b-durk Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:59 pm

Hello Cryptozoic:

My name is Brian Durkin, and I am the store manager of Alternate Universes Blue Bell, PA. Since the WOW TCG was released, this location has been a premier place for local WOW TCG players. I personally try my best to push the game in the area and have met some success given the lack of support at times from whatever company happens to be running the game.

My inquires today are simple:
1) How does my store get a spectral safari? First of all, it is sad that as a hobby shop our players had to inform us of this event's existence and details. I would appreciate it if from a overall standpoint that we could be updated more thoroughly about Cryptozoic events and products. The information about how to sign up for events like the Spectral Safari may be posted, but they are not in a place advertised well enough for local hobby stores to be made aware of it. In general I think some type of email mailing list may prove effective in order to keep hobby stores in the loop about Cryptozoic events and products. As for this particular matter, I would appreciate it if you could contact us A.S.A.P. so I can fit this event on our calendar. Once confirmed AUBB is running the event, I will tell my patrons that the promos and prizes for this event have been secured and will be received.

2) How do we receive battleground kits again? Ever since Cryptozoic has taken over we have had a lot of difficulty receiving "Battleground" promos. The owner of the business has sent emails in the past about this with no reply. Currently I am pulling 10 people on a weekly basis on Thursdays with pack prizes as the only draw. I would greatly appreciate it if we could set it up where my store can receive battleground promos, playmats, and other league support like the kits near the end of UDE's control. When we were able to still obtain those kits, through demo'ing and other incentives myself as well as other players taught 15 people how to play over a course of a few weeks. These kits for league play and constructed support really help drive up attendance and interest. Countless TCG players have been a resale situation for me because they have almost all tried or considered the WOW TCG in the past and were given an appropriate reason to quit based on organized play. Having a constant stream of battleground kits helps keep interest in the game and strengthen the perception of the game to players as healthy.

These issues are imperative for our store's survival as a premier WOW TCG hobby store. Without notoriety from Cryptozoic and support it makes it difficult for players to find our store and respect its position as a serious WOW TCG location. The Spectral Safari is an important event that our store does not want to miss out on. Battlegrounds help encourage local play and keeps interest after a new set's release dies down. I beg that you please take some initiative and contact us so we can alleviate these problems.

Hope to hear from you soon. The store's contact information is listed below.

Alternate Universes Blue Bell
1530 Dekalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422
(610) 277-7251

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Need Help From Cryptozoic with Scheduling Safari and Battlegrounds Empty Re: Need Help From Cryptozoic with Scheduling Safari and Battlegrounds

Post  Roshen Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:00 pm

Hello Brian,

As discussed in the past, if you need to contact us directly, is the best way to do this.

Ry Schueller
Cryptozoic Entertainment

Need Help From Cryptozoic with Scheduling Safari and Battlegrounds L_18a09a3a7b3446b3a2e38e757418b927
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